Redemptive Leadership in a VUCA World

This course consists of 10 “deep-dive” sessions looking at the competencies required by leaders in a volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous (VUCA) environment.

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This series consists of an introductory session as well as 10 “deep-dive” sessions that each look at a specific leadership competency. X-Change groups meet between weekly and monthly for 1,5 hours per session. The course was designed alongside Xpand, a development consultancy.

Each session consists of two videos – one looks at the theory behind the competency, and a second video that is presented by a marketplace leader that has successfully developed that specific competency. Participants receive a workbook and work through the sessions in small groups that is led by a facilitator. In these sessions the most valuable insights come from the peer-learning that happens between participants.

Mastering Complexity

Business leaders need to have the ability to see opportunities in complex situations and actively find innovative solutions.

Navigating Cultural Complexity

South Africa is home to a huge variety of cultures. This diversity provides a unique challenge to business leaders, but even more so, a unique opportunity.

Orchestrating Creativity

Business leaders can foster a culture of creativity and innovation within an organisation, and support the development and realization of these innovations.

Anchoring in the social context

Business leaders have the opportunity to generate significant social impact through all the activities of their organisation for the interest of the stakeholders.

Leading through transition

In a constantly evolving world, business leaders need to have the ability to help their employees to navigate the transitional process.

Building future-fit teams

The way we work keeps changing and business leaders can build resilience and flexibility into their teams by fostering a culture of honest and vulnerable feedback.

Building next-level leadership

Business leaders should invest time and effort into attracting new talent and supporting young leaders in their growth within the organisation.

Courage, Trust & Appreciation

By creating a culture that allows for failure, encourages appreciation, and builds trust, business leaders can build an organisation that is resilient and principled.

Discipline, Stewardship & Decisiveness

To lead in a sustainable way, a business leader needs to seek a balance between work and rest, between boredom and overload and be able to admit their own limitations.


Understanding how their background shaped them and what they believe enables a business leader to lead with empathy and transparency.

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Redemptive Leadership in a VUCA World