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The VUCA Series (10)

This course consists of 10 “deep-dive” sessions looking at the competencies required by leaders in a volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous (VUCA) environment.

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By Brendan Smith

Mastering Complexity

Brendan Smith shares how his time leading a unit in the British military in Afghanistan prepared him to master complexity and shares valuable insight for Christians leading businesses in a VUCA world.

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By Afrika Mhlophe

Navigating Cultural Complexity

Afrika Mhlophe's passion is helping Christians grasp what it truly means to follow Jesus against the background of African traditional religion and culture. Afrika points out that with about 3,000 different tribes on the African continent, it is important to master cultural complexity within the business context – otherwise it will be a divisive force.

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By Gideon Galloway

Orchestrating Creativity

Gideon Galloway, CEO of King Price insurance, discusses how to orchestrate creativity. He points out that when companies are new, small, and unburdened by corporate bureaucracy they are free-thinking and nurture creativity. His challenge to business leaders is to adopt a management style that gives employees the freedom to flourish, even as the business grows in size and complexity.

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By Jacques de Vos

Anchoring The Course Of Action In The Local Context

Jacques de Vos, the CEO of Mezzanine, explores how to anchor a course of action in the local context. His belief in the potential of the continent and the people of Africa drives Mezzanine’s vision to translate the benefits of digital technology to economic benefits for the citizens of the continent. Jacques believes that having failed to participate in any of the three industrial revolutions, Africa is uniquely poised to innovate and co-create solutions in the next one – mobile technologies.

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By Pieter Faure

Leading Through Transition

Pieter Faure, CEO of Mergon, has navigated three major transitions in just 13 years with the company. From leadership changes to company relocations and even the transition from founder to flag-bearer, Pieter shares key learnings on leading through transition in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

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By Phillipa Geard

Building Future-fit Teams

Building a future-fit organisation is critical in our fast-paced society. Phillipa Geard, CEO and Founder of RecruitMyMom, shares practical tips to stay agile, innovative and ready for whatever the future holds.

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By Shawn Theunissen

Building Next Level Leadership

Shawn Theunissen, Founder of Property Point, shares his belief that if you’re going to create next-level leadership in your organisation, you need to take empathy seriously. This is especially true in the diverse African context.

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By Minah Koela

Building a Healthy Team Culture

Having assumed leadership shortly before the upheaval brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Minah Koela, the Executive Director of Beautiful Gate SA, shares the numerous leadership challenges she faced, not least of which was having to win the acceptance of the community she was serving and motivating team members who suddenly found they could not work in the way they were accustomed to due to the lockdown restrictions.

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By Lerato Thekiso

Self-Responsibility, Discipline and Stewardship

Lerato Thekiso, the Executive Director at Thekvest Legal Advisory Services shares how leading a business well starts with leading yourself well and discusses the importance of developing good ‘rhythms’ such as time with God, accountability, cultivating joy, eating, and sleeping well, and regular retreats. She also highlights the importance of obedience – especially when it comes to taking time out of our busy schedules to rest and reflect.

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By Derich Priga

Self Mastery

Derich Priga, the Managing Director of Klipfontein Farms also runs a fruit packing company with his wife, called D&M Fresh Products. Derich shares the familiar testimony of an entrepreneur who had to leave the security of a well-paying job to follow God’s call to start his own business. He stresses the importance of relationships in business, warning against trying to do everything on your own.

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