What to Listen

Be inspired by discussions with business leaders who have embraced their marketplace calling and continue to seek ways to steward what God has given them.

Redeeming The Insurance Industry In Africa (podcast)

Charles Washoma, a Corporate Governance Specialist, chats to Ziwani's Sibs Sibanda about living to a biblical standard in the workplace - and how that has impacted his career journey.

How Should We Approach Bitcoin? (podcast)

Ziwani's Sibs Sibanda speaks to Meyer Blignaut, co-founder of Bitmorph, about Bitcoin and whether it has a redemptive purpose.

The Ziwani Vision (podcast)

The Ziwani launch brought together a diverse group of God-honouring leaders to explore how we can expand God’s Kingdom and rebuild, restore and renew our continent through the vehicle of business.

Business As A Kingdom Calling (podcast)

Rory Dyer shares at the Ziwani launch on approaching business as a Kingdom calling, and as a vehicle to restore people while bringing glory to Jesus.

Redemptive Business On The Continent (podcast)

At the Ziwani launch, Maurice Radebe unpacks Genesis 1 to clarify the Kingdom mandate of business. He calls on men and women to live out their marketplace calling for the sake of the redemption of the African continent.

Redeeming Employment Practices (podcast)

Phillipa Geard chats to Nyari Murefu at the Ziwani launch about her company, RecruitMyMom, and how she has worked to redeem employment practices, especially for women.

Redeeming The Start-Up Landscape (podcast)

Paul Kim chats to Michael Mol at the Ziwani launch about redeeming the start-up space and harnessing business for God's Kingdom.

Doing Good While Doing Business (podcast)

Dr Snowy believes in 'doing good while doing business'. At the Ziwani launch, she shares three key ways of how business can be a redemptive force on the continent.

Accelerating Digitisation In Africa (podcast)

At the Ziwani launch, Jacques discusses the role of digitisation in offering sustainable and scalable solutions to systemic problems in Africa.