What to Listen

Be inspired by discussions with business leaders who have embraced their marketplace calling and continue to seek ways to steward what God has given them.

Redeeming the Entrepreneur- Investor Relationship (podcast)

This interview between Henry Kaestner and Jessica Kim explores both sides of the Entrepreneur-Investor relationship, providing an essential blueprint for successful business partnerships.

Have A Generous Attitude (podcast)

According to Willem, “Your true value is how much value you add to other peoples’ lives.” He shares how giving can go beyond money, and the difference businesses can make in society.

Have A Clear ‘Why’ (podcast)

Dr Nthabiseng's story is an example of how God can turn personal tragedy into a clear calling in business. In her case, it was to address the issue of affordable quality healthcare.

An Identity Firmly Rooted In Christ (podcast)

Adelaide shares how her identity in Christ led her to make tough decisions and how God honoured her faithfulness.

The Value Of Integrity And Generosity (podcast)

A high profile financial and management professional in East Africa, Valentine Gitoho shares invaluable lessons about integrity and generosity from her prestigious career, as well as inspiring stories about mentoring young entrepreneurs in Kenya.

Be Able To Engage The World (podcast)

Craig’s story helps us to see that engagement with the world often comes at a cost, because redeeming a community means meeting real needs.

The Transforming Power Of Generosity (podcast)

Bertie Lourens is the CEO of a waste management and recycling company in South Africa. He shares how facing bankruptcy and a personal health scare radically changed his approach to both his family life and business ownership structure.