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Are You Too ‘Spiritual’ To Live Responsibly?

Batseba challenges those who claim Christians need not be engaged or invested in this world. She argues that Christians should live responsibly, because this does not only glorify God, but results in great personal joy.

Redeeming The Insurance Industry In Africa

Charles Washoma has always been passionate about building a just and fair society. He shares his experiences of integrating biblical principles into his work in the insurance sector - and how that has impacted his career journey.

6 Reasons Why Secular Work Is Worship

In Africa, unemployment is a serious problem. In some cases, however, the reason is lack of drive rather than lack of opportunity. Seifu highlights how the Bible opposes laziness while describing secular work as service to God.

How To Be A Christian In Business
How Should We Approach Bitcoin?

Meyer Blignaut provides an informative introduction to Bitcoin and its characteristics.

8 Characteristics Of Excellent Leaders

Drawing on decades of experience in high profile positions, Martin Kuscus highlights eight characteristics of excellent leaders. His advice is both straightforward and exacting - acknowledging that leadership might be simple in concept, but in reality it places a great demand on one's skill and attention.

Food Security and Africa

Ndidi is an internationally recognised entrepreneur and expert in the African agricultural ecosystem. She offers insights into the interconnectivity of food, farming and factory, and discusses what can be done to enable the continent to achieve its full agricultural potential.

Renewing Leadership In Africa

Dr Enelamah shares at the Ziwani launch what he believes builds good leadership and explores the responsibility of leaders.

The Kingdom Mandate Of Business

With conviction and insight, Maurice Radebe unpacks Genesis 1 to clarify the Kingdom mandate of business. He calls on men and women to live out their marketplace calling for the sake of the redemption of the African continent.

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