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Leading From The Locker Room

Joey discusses how he manages to lead his team through the highs and lows that are inevitable in professional rugby.

Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Impact

In the Kingdom you don’t need a particular position, title, or training to be part of God's mission. He is calling you to have an impact right where you are.

How To Effectively Implement Diversity And Inclusion At Work

Ayanda introduces an effective model for implementing a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy in an organisation.

Business As A Kingdom Calling

Rory Dyer shares at the Ziwani Launch on approaching business as a Kingdom calling, and as a vehicle to bring glory to Jesus.

Doing Good While Doing Business

Dr Snowy believes in 'doing good while doing business'. At the Ziwani launch, she shares three key ways of how business can be a redemptive force on the continent.

Redeeming Employment Practices

Phillipa Geard chats to Nyari Murefu at the Ziwani launch about her company, RecruitMyMom, and how she has worked to redeem employment practices, especially for women.

Redeeming The Start-up Landscape

Paul Kim chats to Michael Mol at the Ziwani Launch about redeeming the start-up space and harnessing business for God's Kingdom.

The Art Of Self-Leadership

Charmaine explains why leadership is ultimately about followership – and that we simply cannot lead with authenticity where we are not willing to go ourselves.

Does Finding My Identity In Christ Make Me A Better Business Leader?

Adelaide shares four ways in which having an identity rooted in Christ enables better leadership, even in a secular business environment.

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