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Without Courage, Appreciation And Trust, Company Values Stay Stuck On The Wall

There’s a lot of of talk these days about ‘designing your company culture’. Cias shows how leadership behaviour influences the adoption (or not) of stated values by people in the organisation.

We Are More Powerful Together

Choosing to leave behind a successful corporate career, Nomaswazi now connects traditional crafts with relevant markets to build sustainable rural communities.

Jewellery That Speaks Of Justice And Joy

Kim is a manufacturing jeweller that offers qualified students the opportunity to learn and earn - providing entry into a notoriously 'closed' industry.

Being A Messenger Of Hope

Sulinda believes in giving second chances, not only to clothing, but to people as well. Through a unique local fashion store, she helps women use their past as stepping stones to a better future.

Doing ‘Good’ Business In Africa

Nkulu argues that businesses led by Christians may be one of the greatest vehicles to spread the gospel, lift people out of poverty, and build stronger and more stable communities across the African continent.

Orchestrating Creativity

Recognising that releasing the inherent creative potential in people has tangible business rewards, Meyer shares six ways to successfully cultivate creativity in an organisation.

Navigating The Complexity Of Cultural Diversity

Craig gives practical advice on how to engage the diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds of partners, staff and suppliers. Drawing on his years of advocacy and race relations experience, he explores the difference between compliance and commitment to change, and challenges leaders to identify the different cultural lenses affecting the way they view the world.

Who Wants A Balanced Life?

Is successfully balancing our intellectual, physical, spiritual and social lives achievable? With wit and insight, Brett explains why we shouldn't strive for balance - but for work-faith-life integration.

Control In Chaos – What I Learned In Afghanistan About Navigating A VUCA World

Brendan shares a practical, systematic approach to help business leaders successfully navigate complex situations - based on his military training and personal experiences in war.

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