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10 Reflections On Integrating Faith And Work

Heike shares ten practical tips for integrating your faith and work on a daily basis.

Raising The Next Generation To Be Salt And Light* (CEF)

Valentine shares her inspiring testimony of positively impacting the youth in Kenya.

The Kingdom And Social Justice – A Balancing Act

God’s kingdom is not just about preaching the gospel, and it isn’t just about feeding the poor. Neil argues that we are here to do both - to co-labour with the Creator of all things in the redemption of all things.

5 Prayers To Pray Over Your Business

Neil encourages business owners and leaders to embrace the power of daily prayer.

Looking In Before Looking Out – Why Self-Mastery Is Key To Effective Leadership

Kerryne shares a few insights into the subject of self-mastery, and how to nurture a culture of resilience, integrity and transformational leadership.

The Physics Of Organisational Health*

Neil reminds us that an organisation's culture will either unleash the energy of its people, or will absorb energy away from its mission and purpose.

Creating Space To Hear*

Dennis sources spare parts for motorbikes in Nairobi, Kenya - but his business is all about impacting his community for the Kingdom.

Giving In A Time Of Crisis*

Japheth sees his business as a channel for God's generosity - especially during tough times.

5 Tips For Christian Entrepreneurs In Africa* (TGC Africa)

Huston shares thoughtful tips - based on scripture and personal experience - for thriving as a Christian entrepreneur in a cutthroat business environment.

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