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How Justice In Business Multiplies Resources – And Achieves True Sustainability*

Patrick argues that the South African economy cannot grow if resources are forcibly taken from one group and given to another. Likewise, it cannot grow if a large section of the population does not have access and cannot participate. He proposes a new approach to business that incorporates equality, inclusivity and justice in ways that will drive economic growth rapidly and sustainably.

Creative Stewardship Of Intangible Assets – Collaboration And Co-Creation* (CEF)

Pieter uses the example of the Nation Builder initiative to show how the business and non-profit sectors in South Africa can successfully collaborate to unlock a prosperous future.

In Pursuit Of Dignity – A Challenge To Change-Makers* (CEF)

Keri argues that true generosity not only restores the dignity and self-worth of the recipient, but also addresses the real (not assumed) needs of the community.

3 Ways Bad Theology Hinders Economic Transformation* (TGC Africa)

A relevant, timely and scripture-based commentary on the scourge of 'gospelpreneurs' in Zimbabwe - also applicable to the rest of Africa.

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