Reading Topic: Building Teams and Culture

Drawing on decades of experience in high profile positions, Martin Kuscus highlights eight characteristics of excellent leaders. His advice is both straightforward and exacting - acknowledging that leadership might be simple in concept, but in reality it places a great demand on one's skill and attention.

Joey discusses how he manages to lead his team through the highs and lows that are inevitable in professional rugby.

Charmaine explains why leadership is ultimately about followership – and that we simply cannot lead with authenticity where we are not willing to go ourselves.

Phillipa shares eight lessons she learned in building a motivated, resilient team that could respond constructively to the challenges of the pandemic.

Whether you’re leading an organisation, a team, or a family – transitions are part of life. Pieter shares seven lessons he learned in leading people through transition, into the next season of growth and impact.

Recognising that releasing the inherent creative potential in people has tangible business rewards, Meyer shares six ways to successfully cultivate creativity in an organisation.

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