Reading Topic: Navigating Complexity

Charles Washoma has always been passionate about building a just and fair society. He shares his experiences of integrating biblical principles into his work in the insurance sector - and how that has impacted his career journey.

At the Ziwani launch, Afrika, Rudi, Champ and Neil discuss how we can build strong cross-cultural relationships and identify ourselves as children of God before we identify ourselves by our cultures.

Phillipa shares eight lessons she learned in building a motivated, resilient team that could respond constructively to the challenges of the pandemic.

Whether you’re leading an organisation, a team, or a family – transitions are part of life. Pieter shares seven lessons he learned in leading people through transition, into the next season of growth and impact.

Craig gives practical advice on how to engage the diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds of partners, staff and suppliers. Drawing on his years of advocacy and race relations experience, he explores the difference between compliance and commitment to change, and challenges leaders to identify the different cultural lenses affecting the way they view the world.

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