Reading Topic: Stewardship

Almero, Ike and Pieter discuss how one can take a redemptive approach to investing. This panel discussion took place at the Ziwani Launch.

While the false mandate of maximizing shareholder value has given some owners fabulous returns, it has also destroyed communities, decimated the natural environment, and eroded the moral fabric of society. Brett argues that God has a world-blessing mandate for his marketplace ministers - rooted in the Hebrew concept of 'the household'.

Francois comments on the ruinous outcomes of corporate autocracy. He challenges business leaders to overcome their reluctance to share human power, and to rather walk in God's authority.

Is successfully balancing our intellectual, physical, spiritual and social lives achievable? With wit and insight, Brett explains why we shouldn't strive for balance - but for work-faith-life integration.

God’s kingdom is not just about preaching the gospel, and it isn’t just about feeding the poor. Neil argues that we are here to do both - to co-labour with the Creator of all things in the redemption of all things.

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