Our Testimony: Stories that inspire

In the Kingdom you don’t need a particular position, title, or training to be part of God's mission. He is calling you to have an impact right where you are.

"It takes courage to see things as they really are." Dr Rudzani's gracious but powerful testimony challenges us to 'earth' our vocations in the truth of the Bible and the truth of our context.

Rabboni connects smallholder farmers with food manufacturers in East Africa. By enabling reliable transportation and improving the shelf life of corn and soy produce. They make high quality products available in the region while increasing income for the farmers.

Sseko Designs enables talented young women in Uganda to go to university - thereby creating opportunities for women in East Africa to end the cycle of poverty and create a more equitable society.

God still leads his people to do seemingly strange and unexpected things. For Kerryne, obeying God's counter-intuitive voice has led to success in business.

Dr Nthabiseng's story is an example of how God can turn personal tragedy into a clear calling in business. In her case, it was to address the issue of affordable quality healthcare.

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