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When we share our testimony, our life inspires faith and courage in others. Here you can find testimonies and stories of our Ziwani community finding and living out their marketplace calling.

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By Generosity Path

A Handful Of Rice Can Change Everything (Generosity Path)

By setting aside a handful of rice (Buhfai Tham) everytime they cook a meal, the women of Mizoram, North-East India are spearheading the spread of the gospel.

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By Chris du Toit and Marc Rosenberg

Leading In Times of Uncertainty

As one of the developers on the Umhlanga Arch Project, Chris discusses the nuances of leading people and embracing innovation through the unique challenges brought about by the COVID pandemic.

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By Andy Crouch

Flourishing Culture In The City

Following an overview of the breakdown of certain aspects of society like community and relationships, Andy explores the role of the church in bridging these gaps and suggests that society will find hope as we focus on the flourishing of the most vulnerable.

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By Arnu Fourie (Paralympic Gold Medallist)


In this story of phenomenal courage from a crippling accident to a gold medal at the 2012 Paralympic Games, Arnu inspires us to face our own challenges through a robust faith in God.

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By Mahlatse Mahlua, Lusanda Mahlua and Melanie du Toit

The Human Touch (Triga)

An inspiring look at how one couple is engaging with the challenges in and beyond the COVID-era through connecting resources to needs and formulating transformative solutions alongside urban culture-setters.

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By Martin Kuscus and Ruan Minnaar

Interview With Martin Kuscus On Leadership

As CEO of the South African Bureau of Standards, Martin had to provide leadership in a toxic relational environment. He shares valuable lessons on building relationships and trust as a business leader.

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By Dr Pearl Kupe

Integrating Faith In The Workplace

"Our saltiness is not just for Sundays!" Through the teaching of Scripture and amazing personal testimonies, Dr Pearl helps Christians to grapple with what it means to integrate one's faith in the workplace.

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By Willem Meyer, Johan du Preez and Nolo Mokoena

Ambition’s Agenda (Triga)

Ambition is a character trait that is sometimes praised and other times despised. In this video, entrepreneurs share their perspectives on this matter through the lens of their own journeys.

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By Peter Greer

Rooting For Rivals (Triga)

Peter Greer gives us a counter-intuitive perspective on competitors. He talks about how collaboration with and generosity towards others in our field actually serves to strengthen us and multiply our impact.

“And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.”

(2 Timothy 2:2)