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Our X-Change groups

X-Change community groups meet regularly in small gatherings providing support through relationships and resources to help business leaders live out their marketplace calling. They use flexible formats, from more casual themed conversations to courses and content creation sessions.

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Profile image of Dr Leonard Malasa

Dr Leonard Malasa

Dar Es Salaam

Dr. Leonard Malasa is a seasoned medical doctor and educator with over a decade of experience. He is the founder of 'Tanzania Better Health' (TBH), a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving healthcare. Through TBH, Dr. Malasa focuses on mentoring aspiring medical professionals. He is deeply passionate about fostering entrepreneurship in healthcare to tackle pressing issues affecting children and adolescents, such as access to quality healthcare services and health education in the region.

Profile image of facilitator Sean Farrell

Sean Farrell


Sean is a chartered accountant with extensive experience in the financial services sector. Presently, he leads a boutique asset management firm and serves as a non-executive director for a group of businesses in the same industry. His passion lies in promoting servant leadership among leaders and fostering the growth and development of individuals in their respective callings.

Profile image of Chinwe Okpala

Chinwe Okpala


A Christian professional with diverse experience in international development, financial services, and multinational FMCG sectors, currently serves as Global Brand Lead at Mastercard Foundation. Specialising in branding, communications, change management, and sustainability, she directs the organisation's brand strategy. Beyond her corporate role, Chinwe is dedicated to empowering Christians through the Christian Professionals Network, advocating for scripture-driven principles in the workplace. She inspires excellence and encourages proactive career navigation, emphasising a God-centered life.

Femi Oke Profile Image

Femi Oke


Femi Oke, Community Engagement Manager at Ziwani, has over ten years of experience in corporate communication, notably at KPMG in Africa. He's passionate about making a positive impact in the developmental sector. At Ziwani, Femi collaborates with Christian business leaders, using communication strategies to redefine their societal role. He specialises in amplifying community voices, fostering collaboration, and driving sustainable development. Through these efforts, he aims to transform communities, reflecting a commitment to Kingdom impact and a lasting African legacy.

Profile Alex Okello

Alex Okello


Alex Okello, Co-founder and Executive Director of Talents Enabling Uganda and St. Eliza Health Care Services, brings 15 years of experience. He specialises in business models, strategic planning, financial management, and supporting social enterprises. With a Master's in Entrepreneurship for Impact from the University of Milan and Ugandan Martyrs University, and a Bachelor's in Commerce (Accounting) from Makerere University, Alex is also an ILO SIYB trainer and EU-certified climate change facilitator. He has worked with organisations like World Vision and Digital Opportunity Trust and now consults for GOPA Worldwide, Mercy Corps, and World Vision.

Profile Doreen Mazakpwe

Doreen Mazakpwe


Doreen founded Naturally Nourish Ltd with a mission to ensure the well-being and flourishing of mothers and their children. Known for her nurturing approach, she brings her experience as a teacher and encourager to her work. Doreen is a dedicated and focused medical doctor, driven by a passion to see people achieve peace of mind as they navigate life's challenges.

Emmanuel Mbogholi


Emmanuel is the Founder and Convener of Marketplace Gathering; a Christ-centered fellowship, prayer and teaching ministry that connects, engages, and empowers believers to serve in the marketplace. He is passionate about equipping business leaders and professionals to become effective stewards and leaders.

Tony Davis


Tony Davis is an experienced entrepreneur having founded several technology companies and he is a Director of several companies and one NPO. He is passionate about helping people find their God-given purpose, especially where Faith, Family and Finances intersect. He has led church groups since 1986, entrepreneurial groups since 2001 and loves to help people get to the next-level.

Godfrey Temba

Dar Es Salaam

Godfrey is the Co-founder of Ark Associates and Partners, a financial solutions firm he established in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 2016. He is passionate about using entrepreneurship, financial analysis, training, investment research, and innovation to empower communities and help them reach their full economic potential.

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