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Our X-Change groups

X-Change community groups meet regularly in small gatherings providing support through relationships and resources to help business leaders live out their marketplace calling. They use flexible formats, from more casual themed conversations to courses and content creation sessions.

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Brandon Paschal

Brandon Paschal


Brandon is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and inventors transform amazing technology in South Africa into impactful commercial ventures.

Jean Bosco

Ruhinda J. Bosco


Ruhinda J Bosco is a founder at Trinitas Community Organisation (TRICO) where he has devoted 70 percent of his practice to community development , mentorship programs coordination, and leadership training for the last 7 years. He has experience in unusual and innovative coordination.

Ruhinda has served as President and CEO at Trinitas Group LTD (real estate and concrete fabrication construction), while enlarging the market working with public and government institutions to carry out most of the big projects in the city of Kigali and across the nation.

Ruhinda has extensive leadership experience, having served on the board of multiple international organisations.

Ruhinda lives in Kigali, Rwanda. He is married to Musasa Rachel with 4 kids: Ruhinda, Conrand, Coen, Collins and Hadassah.

Emmanuel Mbogholi


Emmanuel is the Founder and Convener of Marketplace Gathering; a Christ-centered fellowship, prayer and teaching ministry that connects, engages, and empowers believers to serve in the marketplace. He is passionate about equipping business leaders and professionals to become effective stewards and leaders.

Brian Turakira


Brian is the founder and CEO of Zima Child Hope Africa, an organisation that provides support to young people and community members to set up development projects to achieve sustainable businesses in the market place. In partnering with Ziwani, Brian aims to achieve tremendous impact for the Kingdom of God.

Tony Davis (Starting in May 2023)


Tony Davis is an experienced entrepreneur having founded several technology companies and he is a Director of several companies and one NPO. He is passionate about helping people find their God-given purpose, especially where Faith, Family and Finances intersect. He has led church groups since 1986, entrepreneurial groups since 2001 and loves to help people get to the next-level.

Aidah Rhona Mavumirizi


Aidah is an Integrity Sales Specialist and a Co-founder of Pârach Bet Tummar (PBT) Hub which supports businesses through the provision of practical tools and resources to promote and preserve integrity in their sales operations and interactions.

Godfrey Temba

Dar Es Salaam

Godfrey is the Co-founder of Ark Associates and Partners, a financial solutions firm he established in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 2016. He is passionate about using entrepreneurship, financial analysis, training, investment research, and innovation to empower communities and help them reach their full economic potential.

Juliet Kasiita


Juliet is responsible for Strategic Business Planning, Direction and Governance for all Sinapis Group activities in Uganda. She is a highly determined, self-driven leader with a passion to help others transform and live better lives. She takes pleasure in being a problem solver, encourager and motivator towards excellence.

Dr Daniel Kyungu


Daniel is the Bishop of Africa Inland Church Congo, Professor of Management in Universities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and CEO of BEPSEE Sarl, a company based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His vision is to advance the Kingdom of God through business and education.

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