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Our X-Change groups

X-Change community groups meet regularly in small gatherings providing support through relationships and resources to help business leaders live out their marketplace calling. They use flexible formats, from more casual themed conversations to courses and content creation sessions.

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Juliet Kasiita


Juliet is responsible for Strategic Business Planning, Direction and Governance for all Sinapis Group activities in Uganda. She is a highly determined, self-driven leader with a passion to help others transform and live better lives. She takes pleasure in being a problem solver, encourager and motivator towards excellence.

Dr Daniel Kyungu


Daniel is the Bishop of Africa Inland Church Congo, Professor of Management in Universities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and CEO of BEPSEE Sarl, a company based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His vision is to advance the Kingdom of God through business and education.

Fairchance Ncube


Fairchance is an aspiring entrepreneur and youth leader with an academic background in Political Science & International Relations.He is currently a co-founder of Teliospace (Pty) Ltd - a small environmental, social & governance technology (ESG Tech) startup. He is also involved in the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), Moon Village Association (MVA) and Ambitious Africa.

Derick Slabbert

Western Cape

Derick is passionate about helping leaders, and the organisations they lead, to align themselves with the mission of God. Derick is the BAM (Business As Mission) Global ambassador for Southern Africa and leads the BAMSA (Business As Mission Southern Africa) network. BAM is a worldview and a way of life where business, in and of itself, is the message and the messenger of mission. Derick has a wide range of practical business experience in for profit and non-profit businesses and currently runs his own small business.

Jakes Naude


Jakes is based in South Africa where he oversees the day to day operations of B4T, as well as implementing the work of B4T in Africa. Prior to taking this role, Jakes ran a business in a South East Asian country as well as helping local entrepreneurs through the B4T developer role.

Sibs Sibanda


Sibs is the Executive Director of the Faith and Work Alliance. Sibs has been a Ziwani advisor and is excited about the transformative potential of gospel-driven collaboration by Christian businesspeople from across the continent.

Pieter Faure


Pieter is CEO of Mergon and has been instrumental in the establishment of Ziwani. Pieter is passionate about God-honouring stewardship and the role of business in advancing God’s Kingdom.

Meyer Conradie


Meyer is the Founder and CEO of Mosaic Community Developments which cares for orphans and vulnerable children. The business leaders in this group are passionate about making an impact in their communities through their businesses. They meet in the Wellington and Paarl area.

Almero Strauss


Almero has been a Director and an executive member of Mergon's Investment team since 2008. This virtual group is for entrepreneurs and business leaders who are passionate about redeeming the business world as a force for good.

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