Ruhinda J Bosco is a founder at Trinitas Community Organisation (TRICO) where he has devoted 70 percent of his practice to community development , mentorship programs coordination, and leadership training for the last 7 years. He has experience in unusual and innovative coordination.<br/><br/>

Ruhinda has served as President and CEO at Trinitas Group LTD (real estate and concrete fabrication construction), while enlarging the market working with public and government institutions to carry out most of the big projects in the city of Kigali and across the nation.<br/><br/>

Ruhinda has extensive leadership experience, having served on the board of multiple international organisations.<br/><br/>

Ruhinda lives in Kigali, Rwanda. He is married to Musasa Rachel with 4 kids: Ruhinda, Conrand, Coen, Collins and Hadassah.