Unlock dignity and opportunity through your work

Hear from business leaders as they provide practical insights on how to embrace justice in your business.

Great things can happen when you:
  • Embrace your business as your calling
  • Think ’people’ not ‘projects’
  • Aim for win-win contracts
  • Audit supply chains redemptively
Combining all these ingredients can lead to a more just business environment and society as a whole.

From our Knowledge Hub

Ziwani’s Business and Justice podcast and articles series delve into the intersection of business and justice in Africa, exploring ways in which businesses can drive economic growth while also protecting the rights and well-being of Africa’s people.

10 Podcasts and 10 Articles on Business & Justice

Our Business & Justice Contributors

Sammy Rabolele
Beyond The Eyes Network
“Embrace business as a calling”
Charmaine Smith
Non-Executive Director
King Price Insurance
“Think People not Projects”
Russell Curtis
Chief Executive
Invest Durban
“Embrace your City as your Mission”
Nissi Ekpott
Chief Executive
“5 Principles for achieving Multi-Generational Impact”

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Business & Justice Guide

This guide aims to inspire business leaders, providing practical insights on how to embrace justice in your business. A range of topics is covered, from auditing your supply chain redemptively to aiming for win-win contracts.

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, the grounded perspectives and real-world examples will help you build a business that unlocks opportunities for people and promotes human dignity, for the sake of flourishing communities everywhere.