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Dive deeper into the topics of calling, vocation and what the Scriptures say about work, in the selection of guides we have available.

Business & Justice Guide

The Business & Justice Guide aims to inspire business leaders, providing practical insights on how to embrace justice in your business. A range of topics is covered, from auditing your supply chain redemptively to aiming for win-win contracts.

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, the grounded perspectives and real-world examples will help you build a business that unlocks opportunities for people and promotes human dignity, for the sake of flourishing communities everywhere.

A Guide to Biblical Accountability for Business Leaders

Ziwani's Accountability booklet introduces a collaborative curation of biblical principles that unpacks the role of accountability in our lives and walks of faith. Biblical Accountability begins with taking responsibility for one's actions and making a conscious choice to allow God and others to help accomplish what is right. The hope is that we can match our desires for people to be accountable for their actions and words to what we project of ourselves daily.


If you want to dive deeper into the topics of calling, vocation and what the Scriptures say about work, we have reviewed a selection of books that we feel are very helpful and balanced.

Working in a Uniquely Christian Way

This series is for anyone who is trying to bridge the gap between their faith and their work. In nine episodes, Sibs shows how the basic plot of the Biblical narrative provides us with a practical framework for engaging redemptively in all of life – and in particular, in our work. The video sessions are a condensed version of the book by the same title, which also comes with application questions suitable for both personal study and group discussion.