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Ziwani provides free access to high quality, Biblically-aligned knowledge resources that are practically relevant to doing Kingdom business on the African continent. These are not only curated from excellent external sources and networks, but also co-created by business leaders through Ziwani working groups.

These resources include podcasts, personal testimonies, news articles, blogs, book reviews and thought leadership pieces, and are all aimed at helping you as a business leader to practically and meaningfully connect your Kingdom calling to your business purpose.

What to watch

Be encouraged and equipped by business leaders who pursue their workplace calling, using their God-given talents to impact both God's Kingdom and the society around us. They see everything they have as gifts from God to be stewarded for His purposes.

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By Susannah Farr, Peter Mukiibi, Ruhinda J. Bosco & Jesudamilare Adesegun-David

Reclaiming Our Identity & Purpose in the African Marketplace

This panel discussion delves into the critical topic of how your faith should influence your identity as a business leader. Susannah, Peter, Jean Bosco, and JD, provide valuable insights on how this concept is expressed in different contexts on our dynamic continent.

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By Nissi Eckpott

Reclaiming Our Identity & Purpose in the African Marketplace

Nissi Ekpott delivers a keynote address at the Ziwani Connect event in Kigali, Rwanda, urging business leaders to discover and pursue their purpose in the marketplace. To illustrate effective ways to pursue marketplace calling, he introduces the acronym SALT.

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By Robert Bayigamba

Rebuilding with Quality (FDE)

Watch the inspiring account of how Robert Bayigamba survived the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. Robert became CEO at Manumetal a few months before the genocide started. Shortly after taking up the job, he and his family had to escape the country for their safety. They narrowly escaped with their lives, but Robert later returned to Kigali and used his business to contribute towards the reconstruction of the country and a source for good in his community. *NOTE: contains some disturbing footage of the genocide. Not for sensitive viewers.

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Browse articles covering topics such as calling, faith and work and more. Read testimonies of marketplace leaders who have found practical ways to use their business to reflect the Kingdom of God.

The Historical Impact Of Business As Mission 

Dr Tongoi highlights a few inspiring examples of how Christians have lived out their mission in the marketplace over the course of history, and showing how business can truly be a redemptive force in society.

The Power of the Collective

In this article based on our Mergon Journey podcast series, “The Power of the Collective (Episode 7), Pieter Faure interviews Lauren Cloete-Henning and Keri-leigh Paschal about the origins of Muthobi, Nation Builder and Ziwani. Within the context of a global shift in thinking about corporate social responsibility, these different Mergon initiatives have been serving as a bridge between business and positive social impact, for more than a decade.

Finishing strong: the story of a win win exit

Mergon COO, Gauché Radley, tells the story of how Mergon worked closely with an investee company to divest their investment in a way that ensured their continued growth and success. By involving the investee CEO in the process, empowering him with a stake in the business, and prioritising the interests of all stakeholders, Mergon was able to achieve a win-win exit that left everyone involved satisfied and the business thriving.

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Reframed, Ziwani's podcast channel, has a new series! Hosted by Paul Kim and Sibs Sibanda, the Monday Christian series offers a deep dive into the theology behind faith and work. The 28 episodes cover topics such as how perspective shapes business culture and strategy, how to love God and others through our work, how eternity impacts work here and now, and the implications of faith and truth on business practice.

Community based

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Listen to inspiring discussions of how your peers have embraced their marketplace calling and continue to seek ways to steward their faith and work toward righteousness.

Book Reviews

If you want to dive deeper into the topics relating to calling and vocation, as well as learn more about what the scriptures say about work, you will enjoy the selection of books that we have reviewed for you. We are sure you will not only find them helpful, but also balanced in their approach.

The Tyranny Of Merit: Can We Find The Common Good?

Michael J. Sandel

“And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.”

(Psalm 78:72)

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All of our testimonial content in one place- to inspire and guide you in achieving success in a world driven by the bottom line.