Be inspired by this 8-part video series, showcasing the real-life stories of entrepreneurs on our continent who have each embraced their unique callings in the African marketplace.

African culture has a rich tradition of storytelling, a thread that weaves together culture and wisdom, passed down through generations. We believe these videos follow in this tradition as the entrepreneurs share their journeys, and the teaching sessions unpack the biblical principles that we can implement in our own business contexts.

Find out what it looks like to take a leap, trust God along the way, and let your faith lead your business.

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Called to Work

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Whether you are watching these Called to Work sessions by yourself or with a group of friends, family, or colleagues, this free resource will guide you on the journey through this series. The guide unpacks the core principle of each session and presents you with reflective questions that will enable you to contemplate and envision how these principles can be applied to your work or entrepreneurial context.

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Call to Create

This short documentary film artfully blends two uplifting stories of entrepreneurial grit and passion. Three trailblazers – Sandy Barlow and Pete Howie, co-founders of Seattle Coffee Co., and contemporary artist Philip Barlow – recall their 20-year journeys of highs and lows in business, and God’s faithfulness along the way. An incredible testimony of finding beauty in the mundane, rooted in an enduring calling to create.

Opportunity comes with Responsibility

Growing up in both Ghana and the UK has given Kwabena a unique outlook on life. Convinced that with great opportunity comes great responsibility, he is passionate about finding (and financing) entrepreneurial solutions that bring systemic change to African economies.

Don’t Worship Work

A successful career demands deep commitment – the kind of dedication that can easily take over your life. Especially when the husband is an award-winning architect, and the wife is a CA travelling all over the world. Yet James and Valentine Gitoho mastered the art of doing excellent work, without becoming slaves to it. Be encouraged by their remarkable story!

Excellence Matters

Competence. Character. No cutting corners. This is Alfred Okugbeni’s vision for the haulage and logistics industry in West Africa. Believing that a worthy witness of God demands excellence, he has worked for more than 15 years to raise the standard – one truck, one customer, one technician at a time. And by now word has spread all the way to China, “Those guys at Sinotruk do things differently.”

Redefining Success

This short documentary tells the tale of two brothers, who chose to walk away from a multi-franchise family business founded in 1944 – to find their own blueprint for life. Years of carefully calculated choices have added up to redefine success in an industry known for shadiness and predatory practices. And as their staff and clients attest, they truly put people before profit, every day.

Beauty from Ashes

Few people remember the 2014 demise of African Bank as acutely as Sam Houlie. Overnight, he was no longer celebrated as an icon of success, but shunned as a marked man with no future. Yet there is much more to this story than personal resilience in the face of public failure. This is the powerful testimony of how God used the despair and ashes of one family – to bring hope and beauty to many.

Loving Your Neighbour

Hope. Hard work. Not handouts. This is Nelson Ashitiva’s plan for a prosperous Africa. Rising from a one-man band in a notorious Nairobi slum, to an award-winning advocate and founder of a Top Ten law firm in Kenya – he knows what it takes. Passionate about creating opportunities for others to scale their businesses from kiosk to corporate, he illustrates an inspired way of loving your neighbour.

Business as Calling

“It’s not putting a marble in a glass of water, it’s putting a drop of ink in a glass of water - it changes everything.” Every single day, our work gives us opportunities to ‘add kingdom life’ to our colleagues and communities. This is fundamentally because business provides the wide-ranging products and services that people need, together with sustainable employment. A passionate couple whose convictions have been refined by real-life experience, Dr Dennis Tongoi and Irene Tongoi challenge conventional perceptions about the interaction between entrepreneurs and the church.

X-Change groups

Did you enjoy this video series? If so, you might be interested to know that we offer a range of comprehensive courses that delve into the theory and theology of faith and work. These courses take place within Ziwani X-Change groups. These groups are led by trained facilitators, and convene regularly, either online or in person, and adopt diverse formats.

We would like to invite you to explore and discover a community that can support you on your journey, help you navigate business challenges, and hold you accountable.