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When we share our testimony, our life inspires faith and courage in others. Here you can find testimonies and stories of our Ziwani community finding and living out their marketplace calling.

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By Susannah Farr, Peter Mukiibi, Ruhinda J. Bosco & Jesudamilare Adesegun-David

Reclaiming Our Identity & Purpose in the African Marketplace – Panel Discussion

This panel discussion delves into the critical topic of how your faith should influence your identity as a business leader. Susannah, Peter, Jean Bosco, and JD, provide valuable insights on how this concept is expressed in different contexts on our dynamic continent.

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By Nissi Eckpott

Reclaiming Our Identity & Purpose in the African Marketplace – Keynote Speech

Nissi Ekpott delivers a keynote address at the Ziwani Connect event in Kigali, Rwanda, urging business leaders to discover and pursue their purpose in the marketplace. To illustrate effective ways to pursue marketplace calling, he introduces the acronym SALT.

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By Robert Bayigamba

Rebuilding with Quality (FDE)

Watch the inspiring account of how Robert Bayigamba survived the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. Robert became CEO at Manumetal a few months before the genocide started. Shortly after taking up the job, he and his family had to escape the country for their safety. They narrowly escaped with their lives, but Robert later returned to Kigali and used his business to contribute towards the reconstruction of the country and a source for good in his community. *NOTE: contains some disturbing footage of the genocide. Not for sensitive viewers.

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By Pieter Faure

Building Redemptive Capital Partnerships

In a world shaped by power gaps and bottom lines, Mergon CEO Pieter Faure suggests a different way of doing business. He believes that partnership is at the heart of true success - one that is built on trust and dignity, where both parties come as equals to the table. In this video, Pieter encourages capital investors to lay down their power and come with humility in order to unlock a different kind of redemptive power that has the inherent potential to reshape nations. 

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By Dr Cosmos Maduka

Vision & Integrity Without Compromise (FDE)

This short documentary by Faith Driven Investor introduces us to Dr Cosmos Maduka, a successful entrepreneur from Nigeria. In 1982, he and his wife Charity started a small business selling automotive parts in Nigeria. Today, their company, the Coscharis Group, has expanded to include holdings in tech, agriculture, automotive, construction, and more. This inspiring story showcases how Dr. Maduka overcame a lack of opportunities to become one of Africa's most successful entrepreneurs. Throughout his journey, Dr. Maduka has kept God at the center of all he does.

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By Charles Washoma, Michael Mol, Phillipa Geard, Andy Agaba & Meyer Conradie

Industry Trends & Redemptive Opportunities – Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion at the Ziwani Regional Connect event, a diverse group of industry experts delve into the current trends and opportunities within their respective fields, while also offering actionable insights into how to improve and transform problematic areas of their industries.

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By David Beattie

Achieving Kingdom Impact

Watch David Beattie introduce the idea of "compassionate performance" as a means to accomplish Kingdom Impact through a combination of care and performance.

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By Nicole Sykes, Head of Women in Business Niche at FNB Business

Women in Business: Impacting Africa One Business at a Time

In this webinar to celebrate RecruitMyMom's 10th birthday, Phillipa Geard chats to Nicole Sykes, Head of Women in Business Niche at FNB Business, about the trends she sees in female-led businesses as well as some of the challenges that female entrepreneurs face. Nicole shares some advice for women entrepreneurs and encourages investors that there are many benefits to economically empowering women.

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By Susannah Farr, Dr Irene Banda, Sylvia Kithinji & Anthony Farr

At the Lake: Supporting the Flourishing of Women at Work

In this insightful At the Lake virtual discussion, Dr. Irene Banda, Sylvia Kithinji, and Anthony Farr share their perspectives on the benefits of empowering women in the African marketplace with Susannah Farr. They shed light on the challenges faced by women in their different contexts and explore practical to support and enable women to thrive in the workplace.

“And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.”

(2 Timothy 2:2)