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When we share our testimony, our life inspires faith and courage in others. Here you can find testimonies and stories of our Ziwani community finding and living out their marketplace calling.

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By Minah Koela, Christian Tetteh Agbasi, Catherine Katala, and Nissi Ekpott

At the Lake: The Integrity Advantage — Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Tune in to the virtual "At the Lake" conversation featuring Minah Koela, Christian Tetteh Abase, Catherine Katala, and Nissi Ekpott. They have an authentic and candid discussion, exploring "The Integrity Advantage: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities." Drawing from their own experiences, they reveal how they've confronted integrity dilemmas in both their personal lives and professional careers. You'll gain invaluable insights, actionable strategies, and the motivation needed to navigate similar circumstances with grace and success.

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Pan-African Stories

By Peter Mukiibi

A Life of Excellence: Creating a Culture of Service

Join Peter Mukiibi, from Uganda, as he navigates the world of filmmaking and faith. His commitment to excellence and firm Christian faith have significantly influenced the culture at Addmaya, his Film, Design & Digital Production Agency founded on the pillars of excellence, integrity, and compassion.

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By Afrika Mhlophe, Rudi Buys, Champ Thekiso and Neil Hart

Building Cross-Cultural Harmony Through Leadership

Afrika, Rudi, Champ and Neil discuss how we can build strong cross-cultural relationships and identify ourselves as children of God before we identify ourselves by our cultures. This panel discussion took place at the launch of Ziwani.

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By Jacques de Vos

Accelerating Digitisation on the Continent

Jacques de Vos of Mezzanine Ware speaks at the Ziwani Launch about the work Mezzanine is doing to digitalise the continent, and how that can transform lives.

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By Valentine Gitoho

Accountable Leadership in Africa

Valentine shares with Ofhentse at the Ziwani launch about leadership and accountability, and why the two go hand-in-hand.

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By Maurice Radebe

Redemptive Business on the Continent

Maurice shares at the Ziwani launch's Restore segment on his hope for Africa and the role business can play in transforming the continent.

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By Joey Mongalo

Leading from the locker-room

Joey tells Keri how he manages to lead his team through the highs and lows that are inevitable in professional rugby.

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By Paul Kim

Redeeming the Start-up Landscape

Paul Kim chats to Michael Mol at the Ziwani launch about redeeming the start-up space and harnessing business for God's Kingdom.

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By Almero Strauss, Ike Cha and Pieter Faure

Restore: A Redemptive Approach to Stewarding Investment Capital

Almero, Ike and Pieter discuss how one can take a redemptive approach to investing. This panel discussion took place at the Ziwani Launch.

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