Doing Business Differently

This foundational course takes participants through introspective questions and shares inspiring testimonies in order to discover how they can practically incorporate their faith and work.

Your Time, Commitment & Expectations

In this Course

This course consists of 10 sessions, covering 10 ‘fundamentals’ for doing business differently – in a God-honouring way. The content is contemplative in nature and relies on peer-learning for maximum impact. Along with Biblical insight and questions for reflection and discussion, each session includes a video testimony from a marketplace leader.

Have your identity firmly rooted in Christ

Identity in Christ is not only the springboard for God-honouring Christian endeavour, but also our protection against the fear of failure and the idolatry of success.

Have a clear “why”

By the end of the first chapter of the Bible, God had established work right at the centre of human life and worship. The “why” of work has always been bigger than a paycheque.

Be able to engage the world

Jesus called his followers, ‘salt and light’. His hearers rubbed salt into meat as a preservative and used oil lamps to dispel darkness. Nothing could have said, ‘engage the world’ as powerfully as this.

Pursue excellence in leadership

In His sovereignty, God has chosen to fulfil His purposes through ordinary people like us. There could be no greater burden placed on the need to lead with excellence than this.

Seek excellence in your field

The goods we produce and the services we provide are all expressions of God’s common grace – His goodness to all, regardless of faith. As such, we can never settle for average.

Be creative & hopeful

As those formed in God’s image, creativity is part of who we are. Finding expression for our creativity for the common good however, is a deliberate act of worship that we must choose.

Have a generous attitude

What we call generosity, is in fact a reasonable response to the revelation of who God is and what He has done for us. The world of business allows us to respond spectacularly.

Be courageous and realistic

When we understand that God has created and gifted us for a particular purpose, the steps we take to embrace that calling will seem courageous only to those looking on.

Keep seeking and learning

If success is defined as fulfilling God’s plan for our lives, then it is impossible to succeed without seeking Him, and learning from those He selects especially for that purpose.

Hear and obey God

If it is true (and it is) that God loves us and that in all things (even your business) He works for the good of those who love Him, why would we not want to obey Him?

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Doing Business Differently