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When we share our testimony, our life inspires faith and courage in others. Here you can find testimonies and stories of our Ziwani community finding and living out their marketplace calling.

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Pieter Faure

How We Practise Stewardship in Business

Pieter Faure reflects on Mergon's passion for stewardship, and how it encompasses so much more than financial resources.

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Craig Coombe

Investing in People

Craig Coombe talks about how the Multiply Group intentionally invests in their people - from partners to employees to customers - and why this important.

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Sammy Rabolele

Partnerships in the Gospel

A society's answer to the question 'Who is God?' becomes its defining characteristic. Sammy talks about why it is important to realise this, and how Gospel partnerships benefit not only the current generation, but also the generations to come.

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Paul Kim

Healthy Accountability for Christian Business Leaders

In this succint and persuasive testimony, Paul Kim clarifies the basics of healthy Biblical accountability, and calls on business leaders to embrace its incredible value in their life and work.

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Patrick Kuwana

Economic Justice – Reconstructing Our Economic Foundation

Taking into account injustices of the past and the present, Patrick takes a level-headed approach to building sustainable economic systems of inclusive wealth creation in Africa.

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Di Timberlake

Seeing Through the Eyes of Another

As a South African working in Iceland, Di Timberlake realised how challenging it can be to negotiate life as an 'outsider'. So she made it her mission to open doors for others through training and mentorship programmes.

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Nissi Ekpott

Opportunities for Intra-Africa Trade

Trade between African countries is fast gaining traction. Nissi Ekpott comments on how to approach the many opportunities of a continental market.

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Dr Rudzani Muloiwa

Be Courageous And Realistic

"It takes courage to see things as they really are." Dr Rudzani's gracious but powerful testimony challenges us to 'earth' our vocations in the truth of the Bible and the truth of our context.

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Pamela Oketcho

Rabboni – Empowering Farmers in Uganda (Sinapis)

Rabboni connects smallholder farmers with food manufacturers in East Africa. By enabling reliable transportation and improving the shelf life of corn and soy produce. They make high quality products available in the region while increasing income for the farmers.

“And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.”

(2 Timothy 2:2)