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When we share our testimony, our life inspires faith and courage in others. Here you can find testimonies and stories of our Ziwani community finding and living out their marketplace calling.

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By Floyed Mabasa, Rorisang Tshabalala & Leon Taljaard

Economic Inclusion (TRIGA)

In this interview from the TRIGA conference, Floyed Mabasa talks to Rorisang Tshabalala (CEO of Chapter One Innovation) and Leon Taljaard (Founder of Talmar Impact Investments and Development) discuss what they have learned in their efforts to further economic inclusion in South Africa, one of the most unequal societies in the world. They discuss how using an enquiry-driven approach to business is important for addressing economic inclusion in South Africa. Original Publisher: Triga Ventures (Dec 13th 2021).

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By Rev Dr Dennis Tongoi

Restoring the Redeemed Marketplace

In this informative talk, Rev. Dr Dennis, CEO of Root-to-Fruit, helps us to understand what it means to be a faith inspired Christian working in the African marketplace. He explains that the redemptive purpose of business is to bring about justice and peace in the world.

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By Kerryne Krause (moderator), Champ Thekiso, Nissi Eckpott , Pieter Faure

A Practical Look at Redemptive Business

In this panel discussion, Champ Thekiso, Nissi Eckpott and Pieter Faure talk to Kerryne Krause about what Redemptive Business is. They point out that it is not "the next big thing", but it is God's plan for business. They go on to explore what this looks like in their respective industries and contexts.

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By Luvuyo Rani; Rorisang Tshabalala; Willem Meyer; Wynand Smit

Supporting Christian Entrepreneurs and Business Owners (Panel Discussion)

In this panel discussion, which took place at Triga's conference in October 2021, Luvuyo Rani, Rorisang Tshabalala, Willem Meyer and Wynand Smit discuss what entrepreneurs In Africa need from investors. They look at the kinds of things that make an investor a good partner that supports with more than money.

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By Brandon Paschal

Common Grace At Work

Brandon Paschal introduces the concept of common grace by explaining that everyone we meet is an image bearer of God. Therefore every person is under God’s goodness and grace, and we as believers are called to serve Him in humbly seeking the welfare of the nations.

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By Phumeza Qwashu

Changing Lives Through Town Planning

A town planner with over 19 years’ experience in the public and private sectors, Phumeza Qwashu has a passion for changing people’s lives by unlocking the value of their properties.

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By Afrika Mhlophe and Rowan Belchers

How To Turn Company Culture Into An Asset

What truly influences company culture? What do you do when you’ve inherited a toxic company culture? Phillipa, Afrika and Rowan cut through the waffle in this webinar – offering astute advice based on years of experience. They explain why culture cannot be designated as an HR function, the value of conflict as a revealer of culture, and how to manage diversity and inclusion well.

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By Nola Dlamini

God Is In Control Of My Career

Nola Dlamini is an electrical engineer with 24 years’ experience in the ICT sector. As a corporate professional and a single mom, she believes there is great comfort in surrendering to God sovereignty. Though some moments seem insignificant at the time, when we look back we can see God has been working out his plan and purpose for our careers all along.

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By Almero Strauss, Abella Betunga, Phillipa Geard, Jacob Zikusooka

At the Lake: Work-Life Wholeness – How Business Leaders Tackle the Challenge

Balancing our professional and private lives is tough in today's busy world. Irrespective of what industry we're in, most of us struggle to strike a healthy balance between working long hours and running a household and managing a family. This is especially true of Christian business leaders in Africa. Listen to Almero Strauss, Abella Bateyunga, Jacob Zikusooka and Phillipa Geard at the Ziwani "At the Lake" webinar as they discuss how to tackle this challenge.

“And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.”

(2 Timothy 2:2)