Reading Topic: Identity and Calling

Charles Washoma has always been passionate about building a just and fair society. He shares his experiences of integrating biblical principles into his work in the insurance sector - and how that has impacted his career journey.

In the Kingdom you don’t need a particular position, title, or training to be part of God's mission. He is calling you to have an impact right where you are.

Rory Dyer shares at the Ziwani Launch on approaching business as a Kingdom calling, and as a vehicle to bring glory to Jesus.

Phillipa Geard chats to Nyari Murefu at the Ziwani launch about her company, RecruitMyMom, and how she has worked to redeem employment practices, especially for women.

Much is said about corruption and the failure of accountability in Africa – which is appropriate, but also convenient. In this thought-provoking article, Sibs explores the intersection of traditional African culture with modern interpretations of 'accountability'.

While the false mandate of maximizing shareholder value has given some owners fabulous returns, it has also destroyed communities, decimated the natural environment, and eroded the moral fabric of society. Brett argues that God has a world-blessing mandate for his marketplace ministers - rooted in the Hebrew concept of 'the household'.

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