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Africa Is Not A Country

Africa Is Not A Country Book Cover

Dipo Faloyin’s Africa Is Not A Country is a compelling testament to the diversity and uniqueness of the African continent.

In a world where stereotypes and generalisations often overshadow nuanced contexts, Faloyin’s blend of insightful analyses and vivid storytelling confronts the simplistic notion of Africa as a monolithic whole. The deeply personal interviews and anecdotes makes the faces and voices behind the statistics real – from the bustling markets of Accra to the tranquil villages of Rwanda, each chapter provides a new window into the rich heritage of their respective regions.

The book’s call for an accurate representation of Africa’s heterogeneity is both timely and necessary. Faloyin’s detailed research is evident as he unravels the historical roots of misrepresentation, tracing them back to colonial narratives that sought to homogenise and marginalise diverse cultures. By contextualising these distortions, Faloyin empowers readers to challenge their own perceptions, and join the collective effort to shed light on the true Africa – a continent vibrant with multiplicity. As Oliver Bullough, award-winning author of Moneyland acknowledged, “Hilarious, ferocious, generous and convincing. It made me reconsider almost everything I thought I knew about Africa.”

In the face of a rapidly globalising world, Africa Is Not A Country is an indispensable resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of Africa and her peoples. Faloyin’s eloquence and intellectual rigor come together to deliver a compelling narrative that not only educates, but also inspires a broader dialogue on representation, cultural appreciation, and interconnectedness.

Africa Is Not A Country resonates on both intellectual and emotional levels. Through its pages, readers are invited to join in a transformative journey – one that challenges preconceptions, fosters empathy, and celebrates the rich history and future possibility of Africa. 

Reviewed by Sarah Chemaly

Sarah Chemaly

Sarah Chemaly

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