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Anointed For Business

“No one is better placed in the city than Christians who operate in the marketplace. God has already given them jurisdiction in businesses, schools and government circles. The promise that ‘every place on which the sole of your foot treads, I have given it to you’ (Joshua1:3) applies to them also – and they tread all over the city daily.” This short, but freeing excerpt by Ed Silvoso provides a good sense of what Anointed For Business is about.

From providing motivation as to why Christians can, and should be, advancing the kingdom right where they work, to sharing a perspective that paints Jesus as an entrepreneur, Silvoso’s book breaks down a few mistruths that many of us may hold about God and His purpose for those not in ‘full time ministry’.

In fact, he makes the case that we are in full time ministry. Understanding that we can all use our influence at work to advance the kingdom is both basic and ground-breaking. We spend hours every day leading, developing, and growing with people – why not point them towards the cross while we are at it? Silvoso reminds us that we carry Christ’s transformation in us, and are therefore empowered to bring peace and transformation to the marketplace.

Anointed for Business is an easy read that uses everyday language and is aimed at helping believers understand how they can be effective for the kingdom right where they make a living. It also includes an application section and a study guide that can be used to facilitate a small group discussion. As Silvoso encourages, “Your job is your pulpit, and the marketplace your parish… Go for it!”



Reviewed by Karabo Ramookho, a member of the Ziwani community.



Karabo Ramahkoo

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