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Decision Point

This personal development book invites you to spend time in self-reflection on your behaviours in a leadership context. The central argument is that by becoming more aware of how you’ve been influenced, what you (really) think and believe, and then by choosing your priorities, you can bring clarity to your decision-making.

Written by Dieter Jansen – a South African metallurgist and mechanical engineer who became an international leadership coach – Decision Point is focused on practical application. It is authentic and accessible, and includes many examples from his early career as well as lessons learnt from his own burnout in 2016. He considers questions such as: Do you ‘play to win’ or ‘play not to lose’? How far will you go to serve? Are you approachable? Are you teachable? Are you diligent in planning your leadership engagements, or do you ‘wing it’?

Jansen argues that “the decisions you make, make you” by pointing out how the results of even seemingly insignificant decisions made earlier will impact your next decision, ultimately determining the course of your life. He therefore encourages you to have an eternal perspective and to be intentional about spending your time wisely.


Review by Lise-Marie Keyser


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