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LEMON Leadership – Radically Fresh Leadership

Countless books and articles have been written on leadership, but most focus only on two or three types of leaders. Brett Johnson expands the field to reveal five distinct types: Luminaries (L), Entrepreneurs (E), Managers (M), Organisers (O), and Networkers (N).

Do you connect more easily with ideas, resources, processes, issues or people? LEMON Leadership provides a unique lens to look at yourself, your team, and your organisation. A rare blend of perceptual framework and practical tips, it provides new ways to express personality traits you have instinctively known to be true, and makes sense of previously baffling sources of conflict. Writing with wit and discernment, Johnson reveals the defining strengths and weaknesses of each type of leader: How they view ‘reality’, what they consider to be ‘real work’, what they protect when under pressure, what features on their ‘radar’, and the vital role each plays in the life of any organisation.

Born in South Africa, Johnson lived and worked in Silicon Valley for over 30 years. He co-founded The Institute for Innovation, Integration & Impact in 1996, a company dedicated to positive societal transformation through executive leadership development. The simple truths found in LEMON Leadership have been proven as a dynamic tool to quickly and effectively assist hundreds of business leaders worldwide in team building, corporate communication, problem resolution, organisational restructuring, succession planning and diversity initiatives.

Understanding these truths for yourself will enable you to facilitate a shared reality and a common purpose in your team or organisation, thereby radically increasing your impact.



Review by Lise-Marie Keyser

Ziwani Team

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