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Service Excellence: A Primer

In this short, pragmatic e-book, Dayo Adewoye unpacks the idea that service is the purpose of every business. In other words, all businesses (no matter what industry they’re in) exist to serve people. Adewoye believes that the sooner businesses realise this, the better it will be for both them and their customers. To illustrate his point, Adewoye looks at biblical justifications for serving. Primarily, as he points out, serving people matters, because people matter tremendously. 

This is a short and simple read that lays out practical examples and ideas for business leaders. Adewoye uses the parts of the body (the heart of service, the eyes of service, the ears of service etc.) to look at different aspects that set businesses apart (such as remembering client’s names, avoiding jargon, responding to emails within 24 hours). 

As a service professional with more than a decade’s experience in customer service management in Nigeria, Adewoye encourages business leaders that while putting an emphasis on customer service won’t make your business succeed overnight, it is profitable in the long run. And finally, he says, excelling at customer service has to be deliberate and form part of your vision and strategy. 

The e-book can be downloaded from Adewoye’s website.

Review by Gwenda le Grange 

Ziwani Team

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