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Transform Your Work Life

When Graham Power became a Christian he was already an influential businessman, but he assumed that he would have to leave behind his career and go into ‘full time ministry’ as a church pastor to truly honour God with his new-found faith. Together with pastor Dion Forster he set out to discover his calling, and it became clear that, actually, his work was his ministry.

In Transform Your Work Life, Power and Forster share what they have learnt about God’s call on Christians in the marketplace through their own journey. Convinced that “[you] will never give your Creator glory, or find personal peace, until you do what you were created for,” they encourage readers to pursue their own God-given purpose, where they are in the marketplace.

Power and Forster start off by addressing the ‘sacred versus secular’ divide, explaining that work is seen as worship by God (see Col 3:23–24). Seeing that church gatherings on Sundays only reach “about 2–3% of South Africa’s population,” Forster charges the Christian community to be the church every day, to build bridges to ‘the world’ through business, and to be careful not to build walls that keep people out. “When Paul planted churches he was usually kicked out of synagogues so he would go into the marketplace. God’s strategy for Paul was to multiply his influence, increase his reach and place him in an energised and explosive environment where the Gospel could spread rapidly and effectively throughout the whole world, to all people, in all situations.”

Power then shares some of the tools and processes the Power Group has put in place to ensure they continue to seek the needs of the people in their context, and address these needs with God-inspired vision. “Jesus’s model starts with relationship” and so the book ends with ideas on how to live ‘with the end in mind’ – knowing that the biggest impact comes through love, relationship, prayer, and collaboration with the body of Christ.

An easy read, Transform Your Work Life is interspersed with insightful testimonies, and each chapter also includes opportunity for personal reflection and application.


Review by Annei Bruwer

Ziwani Team

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