What to Listen

Be inspired by discussions with business leaders who have embraced their marketplace calling and continue to seek ways to steward what God has given them.

Leading Through Generosity (podcast)

Remi Sonaiya is a politician, educator and writer, and is passionate about leadership issues redefining the practices of politics in Nigeria. In this interview, she discusses from her childhood experiences, to good governance, and the concept of ‘leadership generosity’.

Keep Seeking And Learning (podcast)

Mergon CEO Pieter Faure reminds us that seeking God is not a once-off event, but a continual exercise in humility, patience and trust.

Hear And Obey God (podcast)

God still leads his people to do seemingly strange and unexpected things. For Kerryne, obeying God's counter-intuitive voice has led to success in business.

Be Creative And Hopeful (podcast)

Karabo challenges us as Christians to be people who see the world as it should be, and through courage and faithfulness, work towards creating that world.

Faith-Driven Investing In Africa (podcast)

In this interview with Henry Kaestner, Sid Mofya speaks to potential investors into Africa about the great potential for investment as well as some of the challenges and how to overcome them.

Seek Excellence In Your Field (podcast)

Through his passion for rugby, Joey’s helps us to see what being ‘salt and light’ (Mat. 5:25) in the workplace can look like - and it all begins with doing excellent work.

The True Moringa Resilience Story (podcast)

Kwame shares how challenges create business opportunities through his journey of discovery with the 'nutrient powerhouse' known as the Moringa tree.

The Continent of Potential (podcast)

Like most successful investors, Iyonoluwa has seen it all - from receiving investment funding from the likes of Mark Zuckerburg to being down to his last one hundred dollars. He shares essential wisdom for anyone looking to invest in Africa.

Pursue Excellence In Leadership (podcast)

From humble beginnings, Martin's faithfulness with the little that God entrusted to him led to positions of great influence where excellent leadership brought order out of chaos.