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Holding Our Leaders Accountable – A Challenge to You and Me

Much is said about corruption and the failure of accountability in Africa – which is appropriate, but also convenient. In this thought-provoking article, Sibs explores the intersection of traditional African culture with modern interpretations of 'accountability'.

How To Build Future-Fit Organisations

Phillipa shares eight lessons she learned in building a motivated, resilient team that could respond constructively to the challenges of the pandemic.

Profit For All

While the false mandate of maximizing shareholder value has given some owners fabulous returns, it has also destroyed communities, decimated the natural environment, and eroded the moral fabric of society. Brett argues that God has a world-blessing mandate for his marketplace ministers - rooted in the Hebrew concept of 'the household'.

The Universe On Tiptoe – Kingdom Work From The Marketplace

Neil asserts that marketplace believers can be powerful agents of change and influence. Whether you are an astronomer, engineer or artist, a teacher, nurse or manager - you have been called to 'do the work of ministry'.

Why Work?

Dorothy was one of the first women to graduate from Oxford and, arguably, one of the most influential Christian thinkers of the 20th century. An ardent defender of the church, she also pointed out its shortcomings regarding equipping Christians to live out their faith at work. This perceptive, articulate article is essential reading on the topic of living out your marketplace calling.

Transformational Leadership And The African Identity

In this perceptive article, Patrick explains why only leaders who themselves have been transformed in their identities to become sons and daughters of God, can lead the positive transformation of the African continent.

7 Lessons About Leading Through Transition

Whether you’re leading an organisation, a team, or a family – transitions are part of life. Pieter shares seven lessons he learned in leading people through transition, into the next season of growth and impact.

How To Build A Company Culture That Embraces Change

Change is a good thing, if you learn to harness its momentum for greater outcomes. André shares six lessons they learned in building a strong organisational culture in the midst of unprecedented change.

Decentralised Authority And Kingdom Service

Francois comments on the ruinous outcomes of corporate autocracy. He challenges business leaders to overcome their reluctance to share human power, and to rather walk in God's authority.

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