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Ziwani provides free access to high quality, Biblically-aligned knowledge resources that are practically relevant to doing Kingdom business on the African continent. These are not only curated from excellent external sources and networks, but also co-created by business leaders through Ziwani working groups.

These resources include podcasts, personal testimonies, news articles, blogs, book reviews and thought leadership pieces, and are all aimed at helping you as a business leader to practically and meaningfully connect your Kingdom calling to your business purpose.

What to watch

Be encouraged and equipped by business leaders who pursue their workplace calling, using their God-given talents to impact both God's Kingdom and the society around us. They see everything they have as gifts from God to be stewarded for His purposes.

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Pieter Faure

How We Practise Stewardship in Business

Pieter Faure reflects on Mergon's passion for stewardship, and how it encompasses so much more than financial resources.

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Craig Coombe

Investing in People

Craig Coombe talks about how the Multiply Group intentionally invests in their people - from partners to employees to customers - and why this important.

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Sammy Rabolele

Partnerships in the Gospel

A society's answer to the question 'Who is God?' becomes its defining characteristic. Sammy talks about why it is important to realise this, and how Gospel partnerships benefit not only the current generation, but also the generations to come.

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Browse articles covering topics such as calling, faith and work and more. Read testimonies of marketplace leaders who have found practical ways to use their business to reflect the Kingdom of God.

Redemptive Practices in Labour Relations

Passionate about resolving labour conflicts in notoriously difficult industries, Rut gives practical advice to employers who want to promote just and fair labour practices in South Africa.

The Power Of ‘The Last Two Feet’

As an American entrepreneur living in Africa for almost 20 years, Rodger explains why it is so important to transition from an informed observer to an active participant, in order to successfully impact another cultural community.

Redemptive Practices in Tourism

With a distinguished track record in the Southern African business tourism sector, Septi Bukula shares his views on redemptive practices that could lead to true transformation.

Community based

Listen to podcasts

Listen to inspiring discussions of how business leaders have embraced their marketplace calling and continue to seek ways to steward their faith and work towards righteousness.

Community based

Listen to podcasts

Listen to inspiring discussions of how your peers have embraced their marketplace calling and continue to seek ways to steward their faith and work toward righteousness.

Book Reviews

If you want to dive deeper into the topics relating to calling and vocation, as well as learn more about what the scriptures say about work, you will enjoy the selection of books that we have reviewed for you. We are sure you will not only find them helpful, but also balanced in their approach.

Garden City – Work, Rest, and the Art of Being Human

John Mark Comer

Why Nations Fail – The Origins Of Power, Prosperity And Poverty

Daron Acemoglu & James A. Robinson

“And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.”

(Psalm 78:72)

Stories to Inspire

All of our testimonial content in one place- to inspire and guide you in achieving success in a world driven by the bottom line.