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Ziwani provides free access to high quality, Biblically-aligned knowledge resources that are practically relevant to doing Kingdom business on the African continent. These are not only curated from excellent external sources and networks, but also co-created by business leaders through Ziwani working groups.

These resources include podcasts, personal testimonies, news articles, blogs, book reviews and thought leadership pieces, and are all aimed at helping you as a business leader to practically and meaningfully connect your Kingdom calling to your business purpose.

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Be encouraged and equipped by business leaders who pursue their workplace calling, using their God-given talents to impact both God's Kingdom and the society around us. They see everything they have as gifts from God to be stewarded for His purposes.

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By Floyed Mabasa, Rorisang Tshabalala & Leon Taljaard

Economic Inclusion (TRIGA)

In this interview from the TRIGA conference, Floyed Mabasa talks to Rorisang Tshabalala (CEO of Chapter One Innovation) and Leon Taljaard (Founder of Talmar Impact Investments and Development) discuss what they have learned in their efforts to further economic inclusion in South Africa, one of the most unequal societies in the world. They discuss how using an enquiry-driven approach to business is important for addressing economic inclusion in South Africa. Original Publisher: Triga Ventures (Dec 13th 2021).

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By Rev Dr Dennis Tongoi

Restoring the Redeemed Marketplace

In this informative talk, Rev. Dr Dennis, CEO of Root-to-Fruit, helps us to understand what it means to be a faith inspired Christian working in the African marketplace. He explains that the redemptive purpose of business is to bring about justice and peace in the world.

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By Kerryne Krause (moderator), Champ Thekiso, Nissi Eckpott , Pieter Faure

A Practical Look at Redemptive Business

In this panel discussion, Champ Thekiso, Nissi Eckpott and Pieter Faure talk to Kerryne Krause about what Redemptive Business is. They point out that it is not "the next big thing", but it is God's plan for business. They go on to explore what this looks like in their respective industries and contexts.

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Browse articles covering topics such as calling, faith and work and more. Read testimonies of marketplace leaders who have found practical ways to use their business to reflect the Kingdom of God.

Work-life wholeness: How business leaders tackle the challenge

Most entrepreneurs struggle to strike a healthy balance between working long hours, running a household, investing in friends and family, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. How do we remain whole-hearted and steward these different facets of our lives well to achieve work-life wholeness?

Rethinking Leadership: Connecting Leadership And Place

JD, a Community Transformation Strategist, looks at the undeniable link between leadership and a specific place. He argues that leadership can't be effective without a strong commitment to a specific area.

How To Build A Productive Society – Lessons From Zimbabwe*

Drawing on experiences of working with subsistence farmers in Zimbabwe, Brendan Smith shares some of his lessons learned in how to build a productive workforce and a better functioning society. He reflects on the debilitating effects of fear and long-term anxiety on a nation, and offers advice for cultivating a culture of hope in present-day South Africa.

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Reframed, Ziwani's podcast channel, has a new series! Hosted by Paul Kim and Sibs Sibanda, the Monday Christian series offers a deep dive into the theology behind faith and work. The 28 episodes cover topics such as how perspective shapes business culture and strategy, how to love God and others through our work, how eternity impacts work here and now, and the implications of faith and truth on business practice.

Community based

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Listen to inspiring discussions of how your peers have embraced their marketplace calling and continue to seek ways to steward their faith and work toward righteousness.

Book Reviews

If you want to dive deeper into the topics relating to calling and vocation, as well as learn more about what the scriptures say about work, you will enjoy the selection of books that we have reviewed for you. We are sure you will not only find them helpful, but also balanced in their approach.

Service Excellence: A Primer

Dayo Adewoye

Closing the Gap

Professor Tshilidzi Marwala

“And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.”

(Psalm 78:72)

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